BRUSH! is open

After an uncertain period, we can inform you that we are open again from May 4, the reason why we keep this start date is because we first wanted to look in good consultation at how we can safely and responsibly offer you the trusted care at BRUSH! There is a clear guideline for this from our oral care organizations and RIVM.

But if you do not feel comfortable visiting us despite our security measures, we understand that!

  • You have an appointment with us in May or later.
  • You had an appointment with us in March or April, we will call you next week to see with whom we can make or move an appointment. or

We ask you to make sure that you do not visit us if:

  1. You have symptoms of a cold; such as sneezing, coughing and fever.
  2. You have a family member or someone close to you with cold symptoms.
  3. If you are in the risk group, you can think of: heart complaints, diabetes, lung problems, autoimmune disease or another disease in which your immune response is impaired.
  4. If you live in a nursing home or institution.

RIVM advises persons over 70 years of age to stay indoors.

We apply the following guidelines in practice:

Upon entering and in the waiting room

  • Do not arrive early and certainly not late to your appointment
  • The front door of the practice is open, you can push it to open it
  • Brush and brush / burn / floss your teeth at home
  • Only come if possible, maximum 1 parent or companion
  • Disinfect your hands upon entry to the affected device
  • If you unexpectedly cough or sneeze, do this in your elbow
  • Keep 1.5m away, you can sit on the sofa or on the chair at the desk
  • You cannot use the toilet.

By adjusting our calendars, we ensure that you have minimal contact with other patients, so it is important that you keep the contact time in practice as short as possible.

During youre appointment and in the practice

  • Take yo Take your jacket, vest or attribute from the waiting room
  • Parents or guardians are requested to wait outside or in the treatment room
  • We will welcome you with protective goggles and mouth mask
  • We do not give you a hand, we do smile
  • You are requested to rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide

After you’re treatment

  • If you can make a new appointment with us, keep your distance
  • We open the door of the treatment room to the outside
  • Leave the practice as soon as possible, you cannot use the toilet
  • We schedule extra time to clean and air the room

Are you unable to come to the practice and would you like advice? Then we offer you an online consultation. You can request this by email. If you have any problems, please contact your dentist first. When in doubt, we would like you to email us as much as possible.

We are difficult to reach by telephone, but you can always leave a message on our answering machine. We will try to call you back as soon as possible.