The first visit

Make sure you have identification and your health insurance card of your health care provider at the first visit to our clinic with you. Also possibly a referral from your dentist for the dental hygienist. Coming from another dental hygienist or other dentist? It is nice if we can have your client data. You can retrieve it and bring it to your appointment.
Your citizen service number (BSN), we will save in our system. More information can be found at


When you make an appointment in our clinic you will receive a card with which the correct day and time of your appointment.
You can when you arrive, take a seat in the waiting area and your dental hygienist or assistant picks you up when you’re next. Long waiting times are avoided as much as possible. Appointments are planned as efficiently as possible, it is nevertheless possible that the appointment is somewhat prolonged. This is sometimes unavoidable because each person requires a different approach. Careful planning and honor the appointment is essential for avoiding long waiting times and so we ask you to be on time.
As a service you will receive a reminder of your appointment. This is a free service and no rights can be claimed. Although you receive a reminder, you are solely responsible for you’re appointment.

Appointments must be canceled at least 2 working days prior to treatment. This can be done via email, phone, using the web blog or by leaving a message on the answering machine. When you do not cancel,cancel within 2 working days before the appointment or if you come so late that your treatment can no longer take place, the reserved time can be charged.
This is in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by the Dutch Society for the Advancement of Dentistry.
Should it happen that you repeatedly fail to meet your appointment according to our rules, we reserve the right to give you no new appointment for our clinic.


Are there any changes regarding your personal, family situation, health insurance or health and medicine use. Have you had surgery or have you been recently in the hospital? Please inform us.

Motivation and cooperation

Your cooperation and motivation are essential in achieving good oral health and to preserve it. In order to assess the condition of your teeth, and to make a proper risk assessment of your oral health it is important to take care of it just before your appointment will take place.


We do our best to help you the best we can. Do you still have a complaint? Let us know. We will do our utmost best to listen and discuss your complaint. It is always our intention to resolve your complaint with you in harmony.
According to the Law Quality, complaints and disputes in care (Wkkgz) a health care provider must offer a complaints procedure where you can go with your complaint. For the dental hygienist go to NWM- mondhygienisten. For the dentist you can go to ANT-tandartsen.


  • It is not allowed to smoke in our clinic. </ Li>
  • We ask you to put your cell phone on silent and not to phone in the clinic, unless absolutely necessary. </ Li>
  • It is not allowed to bring pets, unless it is a service dog. </ Li>