Smoking is the main cause of periodontitis after plak: people who smoke are more likely to develop periodontitis than non-smokers. Moreover, the severity of periodontitis in smokers is greater than in non-smokers. Smokers also respond less well to the treatment of periodontitis than non-smokers. A lot of scientific research is being done about these negative effects of smoking.

It has been proven in any case that nicotine is a major culprit: nicotine reduces the body’s defense against a bacterial attack. Can you do something about that? Yes, sure, stop smoking …

Treatment of a smoke addiction

There are a number of self-help tools that can help stop smoking:

  • Choose a favorable stop date; for example, a period with little stress and a lot of distraction.
  • Stop smoking in one go, this has more success than slowing down.
  • Abandon situations in which smoking is done.
  • Ask your environment for support when stopping.
  • Use nicotine patches, chewing gum or lozenges if you have symptoms caused by smoking cessation.