It’s true that many dental issues can be avoided by maintaining a good level of oral hygiene. It is estimated that just 1mm of dental plaque contains over 200 million bacteria, which can easily spread and develop biofilm, a breeding ground that is almost immune to drug therapy and the body’s defence system. The buildup of dental plaque can be often be overlooked. If left untreated plaque can lead to numerous complications including gum disease and, consequently, tooth loss.

The dental cleaning is the basis for preventive treatment. The purpose of this non-surgical therapy is to remove plaque, tartar and toxins that are in contact with the enamel and root surface above and just below the gums. Our well-trained team will complete this treatment using a specifically adapted and minimally invasive approach, including the use of the EMS Master 700, this device has a No Pain technology, which has the following content:

> Intelligent feedback check, if no tartar is present, the device gives no


> Precise treatment results; The surface is made smoother.

> Excellent patient comfort.

In addition, we use an air flow with sodium bicarbonate for patients with a lot of stains and for patient with orthodontic equipment. This distorts the biofilm and eliminates plaque, staining and discoloration.

With special hand tools we remove the tartar and plaque with extreme precision.

To give the tooth a smooth surface we polish the teeth with a polishing paste.

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