We are a medical contact profession and will stay open, even in a lockdown.

If, despite our security measures, you do not feel comfortable visiting us, we fully understand! It is nice if you let us know as soon as possible, if you let us know 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, it is free of charge. Otherwise, we may have to charge you.

In this way we can properly regulate the planning of our agenda and contact hours. Many practices charge extra costs due to the Corona measures. At BRUSH we have chosen NOT to do this. You can therefore help us by moving your appointment in time if necessary.

Please let us know to cancel or move your appointment in case of the following:

  1. You or a family member has tested positive for Corona
  2. You have symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and fever
  3. You have a family member or someone close to you with cold symptoms.
  4. If you are diagnosed with heart complaints, diabetes, lung problems, autoimmune disease or another disease in which your immune response has been impaired.

On arrival at our practice

  1. Do not arrive too early and certainly not late for your appointment
  2. Wear a face/nosemask
  3. Brush / floss your teeth at home
  4. Come alone, if possible, a maximum of 1 parent or supervisor
  5. Disinfect your hands upon entering at the designated device, afterwards do not touch your phone or face again.
  6. Should you unexpectedly cough or sneeze, do this in your elbow
  7. Keep a distance of 1.5m, you can sit on the couch or on the chair at the desk

By carefully planning our calendars, we ensure that you have as little contact with other patients as possible, so it is important that you keep the contact time as short as possible in the practice.

During your appointment in the treatment room

  • Bring your coat, jacket or other items with you in the treatment room
  • Parents or supervisors are asked to wait outside or in the treatment room
  • We will be wearing protection glasses and mouth mask
  • We will not shake hands, we do give you a smile
  • Every patient is asked to cleanse their mouth with 1% hydrogen peroxide

After your treatment

  • U can make a new appointment, but please keep your distance
  • Leave the practice as soon as possible, the lavatory is not available for use
  • After every treatment we will completely clean the treatment room and air the room for 5 minutes


Are you unable to visit our practice but you do need advise? We can offer an online consultation. You can request an online consultation by sending an email.

If you have discomfort / pain, please contact your dentist first