Are you looking for a dental hygienist? Then you are at BRUSH! at the right address. We offer you the best care and personal attention.

In addition to these important pillars of care and attention, we also have a number of good reasons why you should choose to visit our practice:

  • We use the latest techniques and devices.
  • We treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We have followed fear and anxiety courses and use specific techniques to guide you.
  • We are open and transparent in everything we do.
  • Very high number of regular customers 
  • Reminder by sms or email of you’re appointment
  • In addition to the usual dental cleaning, in which we remove plaque, tartar and tooth staining, we have specialized mainly in the treatment of severe gum disease; periodontitis.

We have drawn up a specific protocol for this that is unique in The Hague. The concept of this protocol is based on stopping the progressive loss by means of plaque, biofilm and tartar removal. For this we use the NO pain technique from EMS: piezon and airflow.

Prevention is the most important pillar of a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

Your children get an important good start when a good brushing method is taught and maintained.                 In addition, a risk assessment is made. We make this tailor-made prevention plan according to a national plan of action, it called: gewoon gaaf step by step plan.

In addition, until 18 years the treatments at the dental hygienist are fully reimbursed from the basic package in the Netherlands.

We hope to see you soon in our practice! You can call us daily from 09.00 to 17.00 for an appointment

070-2135700 or emaillen at:

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